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02/09/22 Article 16 - Current Status Update ------------------

Apologies for the lack of communication sooner, but there was nothing to relay to the members until we had heard back from the CAA. The email from the CAA today confirmed that the reassessment of our application is underway and that we should have a report on the outcome in the next week or so.
I understand the frustration of the members, however this re-application was a mammoth task which took many manhours to complete. Please also remember that your council are all volunteers who also have commitments outside the SAA it terms of work, family and personal issues. So if you could please bear with us in the meantime it would be much appreciated.
As soon as we hear back from the CAA, I will post an update!
Steve McDonald
SAA Chairman



16/05/22 A blogs page has been added to the SAA web site where clubs can add a write-up of events held

Please email your events to for inclusion in the SAA events calendar along with any posters or provide information about your club which you would like to be displayed on the SAA website