Scottish Aeromodellers Association


Documents required by members or clubs can be found linked below.

Document Title Document Link
SAA Members Insurance Certificate Insurance Certificate - 2024
Article 16 Authorisation Article 16 Authorisation - 2024
SAA Members Handbook SAA Members Handbook
SAA Achievement Scheme SAA Achievement Scheme
SAA Articles of Association SAA Articles of Association
SAA Management System SAA Management System
Equality Policy Equality Policy
Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
SAA AGM Minutes - Summary SAA AGM Summary

The following documents are for general information that may be useful to members or clubs.

Document Title Document Link
Submitting a NOTAM Submitting a NOTAM
Displays Guidance Displays Guidance
Displays Checklist Displays Checklist
Pilots Briefing Pilots Briefing
Debriefing Template Debriefing Template
Incident Management Incident Management
Incident Communications Incident Communications