Current SAA Documents

The following documents are available to view by clicking their respective link
this web page shall be a repository for SAA and other important documents

Document Title Brief Description Active Links
SAA Members Handbook Draft Issue of SAA Members Handbook 2022 SAA Members Handbook
SAA Limited Articles SAA Ltd-Articles of incorporation to a limited company Articles of Association
SAA Equality policy The SAA will abide by the Equality Act 2010 (Scotland). Equality Guidance Scotland
SAA Constitution Latest version of the SAA Constitution Constitution ver-2018
SAA Insurance Latest SAA Members Insurance Certificate SAA Members Certificate
SAA Privacy Policy Latest SAA Privacy Policy Document Privacy Policy
SAA AGM Minutes The Latest AGM Minutes Documents AGM bullet points
AGM minutes 2021
SAA insurance documents Various insurance documents relevant to Members SAA Members PL
SAA members cover
Members Insurance letter

CAA Documents and Authorisations

Document Title Brief Description Active Links
SAA Article 16 Declaration SAA Article 16 Note and Declaration Form SAA Declaration Form
Article 16 Previous SAA Article 16 Authorisation Previous Authorisation
CAA Cap722 doc Cap 722 CAA Document for model Flying Cap 722

Old and Archived Documents

Document Title Brief Description Active Links
SAA AGM 2019 Agenda AGM Agenda Notification 2019 AGM Agenda
SAA 2019 AGM Bulletin Bulletin for the 2019 AGM 2019 AGM Bulletin
SAA 2019 AGM Minutes Final version of the 2019 AGM Minutes 2019 SAA AGM Minutes