Website Change Record

This page shall contain a record of changes to this website. The most recent change shall be at the top.

Note this page is only available from the SAA home page and is intended to show when changes are done

Date Change Description
2/08/22 Updated Achievement Schemes and Safety code added Updated New Achievement Scheme and New revised safety code added to documents page and achivements page
26/07/22 Free flight Update Competition free flight page updated as requested by Jim Arnott
19/07/22 Article 16 Update Update on the current status of the SAA application at the CAA
30/06/22 Article 16 Update of SAA Article 16 Authorisation Status added to latest news
13/06/22 Added an event blog to page Added Glenrothes fly-in Blog pdf to page
16/05/22 Added Event Blog Page Added Glenrothes fun fly blog pdf to page
13/05/22 Added event and poster Added Glenrothes fly-in event and bring and buy to events page in June
09/05/22 Added event to calendar Added Garnock Valley MAC Kilbirnie Splash-in event in Sept
6/05/22 added events to calendar Added Loch Earn wateplane events and Clyde Valley event to calendar
2/05/22 Test and Training dates Training and testing page updated and Glenrothes dates added
16/04/22 Club info and event added Added page in clubs for Scotia ff and added CVF event in calendar
12/04/22 Club info added Added info page for alloa,Dunfries and forth valley
10/04/22 New Website The first issue of the new revised SAA website going live