SAA Competitions

On this page you can find links to the competitions which are held each year
These are in general the monthly league competitions and annual “Nationals”.

The images below show the type of models used in each of these disciplines and provide links to information about the various competitions.

Aerobatic Competitions, F3A, IMAC and Freestyle

Aerobatics is the precise and controlled flying of sequences to a high standard, either at your local club, in competitions, or at club open days. The competition levels for F3a and IMAC are Clubman / Sportsman for newcomers, then Intermediate through to Advanced all increasing in the level of challenge. Competitions are either league or team based. Standard models are encouraged for beginners, though generally increasing in quality as the pilot progresses. Engines are electric, glow or petrol, 10cc to 200cc. Competitions are held at various sites courtesy of the host club and members.

Click image for F3A

Click image for IMAC

Click image for Freestyle

Control Line Combat, Stunt and Team Race

Click image for beginners guide and combat

Click image for Stunt

Click image for Team Race

Radio Control Scale, Jets/EDF, Free flight and Helicopters

Click image for Scale

Click image for jets-edf

Click image for Free Flight

Click image for helicopters

Model Gliding, Hand Launch(DLG), Soaring(F5J), Slope Racing and Postal Time Trial

Click image for DLG

Click image for Soaring(F5J)

Click image for Slope Racing

Click image for Postal Time Trial