Perth Scotsnats

A Panoramic of the SAA Stand

The organisers of the “Scotsnats” requested that the SAA take a stand and display some models for their show at the Dewar centre Perth. The “Scotsnats” is predominately a show for plastic modellers where a range of their small plastic (airfix) type models are displayed on various scales and types from aircraft, military vehicle, Battle Tanks, people heads and various face masks etc.

View of SAA Stand

There is just about everything you can think off modelled with a good selection of trade selling everything from plastic kits to paints, glues and airbrushes. Many of the exhibitors also were demonstrating construction of their models, airbrushing and finishing.

SAA stand in Hall 2 View

Along with the exhibitors showing their models there was also a competition where the best models were entered and judged to win various trophies in each discipline. Most of these models were small scale 1/72 or less so we added an attraction by displaying some quarter scale and fifth scale flying models. A model boat club also display some of their large models.

Looking Down on the SAA Stand

The simulator in Action

The SAA had four large tables and along with the models we set up a RC simulator running on a reasonable size monitor. The simulator was a great success with adults and kid alike. We also had a small pamphlet which was handed out to those interested in model flying and many also took a trial flight voucher courtesy of Glenrothes Aeromodelling club. Bob Nellies was a great simulator instructor and had those trying it flying circuits and some even manages a landing.

Many youngster loved the simulator but we thought it wise not to include any photos of them enjoying Bobs expert tuition. We received many complimentary comments regarding the scale aircraft but the best gaff of the day was when a guy commented to Bob Lemm that the Spitfire was not to scale. Quick as a flash Bob replied “that may be because that Spitfire is a Hurricane”.

The Spitfire that's a Hurricane

Busy Saturday

The show on Saturday was very busy and Bob Nellies and I were kept very going answering questions and running the simulator. Bob Lemm arrived a mid-morning and he too was kept very busy. Sunday was much quieter and although Bob Nellies and myself were there early it was not until late morning that people started to arrive but still quiet with much less workload for us as we had help form Bob Lemm and Richard Blanski by then.

The aircraft that we had on show were predominantly scale with my Spacewalker and Zlin 50. Bob Nellies brought his Pitts S2B and a YT Hurricane plus a Super 60 trainer,a small foam electric Tiger Moth and a Depron foam Eurofighter. These just to show the diversity of the model we fly. This was the first time the SAA had exhibited at this show and while probably the odd man out we were well received and I would have to say it was a great success. The Organisers have asked that we come back next year and thanked us for attending so we must have done something right.

Super 60

Spacewalker and Zlin

Pitts and hurricane